Here I Come, Luiggi

Photo of Here I Come, Luiggi
Photo of Here I Come, Luiggi

Buzz is one of those sexy daddy bears who will go to great lengths to get his lengthy cock worked, including flying from Florida to Argentina just to have sex with a man he has always admired: Luiggi. The famed porn daddy who will go a long way to get his long dick worked, too. Fortunately, he only had to go from picking up his intended downtown to doing the nasty in bed. Where the master top is first topped and then gets to flip his versatile fuck buddy from Florida. International relations at their very best—and sexiest!

Categories: Bareback, Chubby Daddy, Daddy Tops Daddy, Over 60
Details: Dec 23, 2023 26 min
Photo of Buzz
Photo of Luiggi

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