Luiggi Tops Joaquin

Photo of Luiggi Tops Joaquin
Photo of Luiggi Tops Joaquin

Joaquin is the son of the superintendent in charge of the building where Luiggi lives. The young man picks up some loose change doing odd jobs for the tenants. Today he has arranged to work in Luiggi’s apartment but when he arrives he discovers the older man has taken the day off and is enjoying a leisurely shower. Joaquin is fascinated and watches as Luiggi stands under the water, imagining that the daddy is slipping his cock into the youngster’s ass.

As Luiggi finishes, Joaquin sits on the sofa, apparently on Luiggi’s clothes. The youngster refuses to budge and when Luiggi asks what he was doing at the bathroom door and young stud just reaches up, undoes Luiggi’s robe and starts to suck the older guy’s cock, which they both enjoy. It is beginning to look like Luiggi has planned this encounter.

Categories: Bareback, Gay
Details: Nov 18, 2013 24 min
Photo of Joaquin
Photo of Luiggi

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