Inventory Control

Photo of Inventory Control
Photo of Inventory Control
Photo of Inventory Control

The way it is supposed to work is: you hire a guy to do something specific. Right? Well, sometimes you find out, on the job, the new dude is better at other things. And that may be even better for the boss. A good one gets that and goes with it. Daddy Luiggi is such a man. Who smartly senses that Felix, the boy he's hired to do inventory, will do an even better job when tasked with other duties. Like servicing the busy boss's cock every which way. From sucking it on the warehouse floor, to taking it bare up the ass in daddy's bed. Counting the inventory may be critical, but getting Luiggi to cum is now (and always) gonna be Felix's main responsibility.

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Gay
Details: Apr 19, 2021 30 min
Photo of Felix Harris
Felix Harris
Photo of Luiggi

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