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Photo of The wait is over
Photo of The wait is over

Ever since Daddy Luiggi started to bottom in scenes men have clamored to top him. Meanwhile, his fans have been asking for Videlo, another popular porn daddy top of ours, to fuck him. Plus, Videlo has been wanting to plow Luiggi for ages. But with a line of men wanting to nail him, what's Luiggi to do? Of course, after thinking about it with a dildo in his ass, he wisely decides to let Videlo jump the line—to jump on his manhole with the real thing. Cutting in front has never been better!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Tops Daddy, Over 60, Uncut Daddy
Details: Sep 28, 2022 33 min
Photo of Luiggi
Photo of Videlo

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