Grandpa And Me

Photo of Grandpa And Me
Photo of Grandpa And Me

Luiggi's fans want their fave daddy to fuck a grandaddy. Never one to deny them, he finds Marlon ready for sex. But he wants to fuck this top daddy. What happens now? Well, surely viewers have noticed Luiggi's socked heels up in the air lately. And sure enough, there they are so that Grandad can easily bone the man's ass bare! But Marlon gets his done, too. Because Luiggi's fans always get what they want: their man plowing another man's butt raw!

Categories: Bareback, Chubby Daddy, Daddy Big Cock, One on One, Over 60, Over 70
Details: Jul 13, 2023 26 min
Photo of Luiggi
Photo of Marlon

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