Careless Whisper

Photo of Careless Whisper
Photo of Careless Whisper
Photo of Careless Whisper

For a man who has never played the part of a doctor, Luiggi still knew exactly how to treat his patient playfully well. That was what Wendi expected, when "doc" made a house call. Luiggi arrived and easily determined this easy, dark-haired dame was in need of a doctor's treatment he could excell in. Which was to deeply exam his horny patient, everywhere, with his big, horned dick. For Luiggi, it was all part of the usual routine, and he was ready to give the next lady a healthy dose of his medicine. Wendi only hoped if she needed him again, the doctor could squeeze in a follow-up examination.

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Straight
Details: Mar 12, 2021 29 min
Photo of Luiggi
Photo of Wendy White
Wendy White

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