The Superintendent

Photo of The Superintendent
Photo of The Superintendent

This is one of my all-time-favorites scenes. Luar is a power bottom with a hot ass. It was a passionate encounter; we had a really good time together. I particularly like me being up the ladder when he approaches me. Before long I fucked him right there on his desk. I keep revisiting this scene over and over and still get turn on.

Luiggi got a job as a building superintendent. He has the ability to make friends very easily with the people who work there . He has ladies and guys he fucks on a weekly basis on every floor, but he is always looking for new adventures. He is called to an office he has never been called before and finds a young fellow watching porn during working hours. he offered to help out, Luiggi's dick is always ready..

Luiggi may be straight—but he also enjoys sex with men. Just not as openly. That's where out-of-sight "down low" sex comes in. This is sex as a secret between men, and where guys know to keep their mouths shut outside. But, as with our gay porn-watching office worker bottom, both his holes better be wide open whenever the super-TOP-intendent wants to ram his cock inside you. Which you know you want, always. Just don't tell anyone

Categories: Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Younger, Fetish, Gay, Uncut Daddy
Details: Sep 20, 2022 24 min
Photo of Luar
Photo of Luiggi

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