Locked Out 2

Photo of Locked Out 2
Photo of Locked Out 2

Hassan was once in distress when he found his car behind locked gates. Then Luiggi came to his rescue. Now we find out that "cumming" was the rescuer's entire plan. Of purposefully putting a guy in need of comfort—with his big cock and cum load. Some might find that a bad idea. But neither did, as both were in on the caper next time. Which was to pick up Joaquin. A hot young man whose troubles were easy to work out. By ramming his raw dick, with Luiggi's, into Hassan's mouth and butt. Now that's some good trouble for all three men to be in!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Tops Younger, Gay
Details: Sep 9, 2021 32 min
Photo of Hassan
Photo of Joaquin
Photo of Luiggi

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