Luiggi Serviced

Photo of Luiggi Serviced
Photo of Luiggi Serviced

Take this as a warning, men. Be aware that you never know what kind of service you will get when you call for a repair. However, if you're lucky, not only will your appliance get fixed, but you'll get some bonus work, too. And this is exactly what horny and hung Luiggi got. Not only did he wank while his workers, Ernesto and his assistant Kaled, toiled away. He got the one, Ernesto, once the job was done, to suck his cock and barefuck his hole with his equally big Daddy dong. Of course, Kaled, the assistant, was there to serve his boss and client as any good ASS-istant would as well, for sucking both men's dicks and having them tag plow him raw. So, after all, let's not take this as a warning. But a dare that any horny daddy must take!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Daddy, Group / 3-Way
Details: Jul 3, 2024 34 min
Photo of Daddy Ernesto
Daddy Ernesto
Photo of Kaled
Photo of Luiggi

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