I Want A Thick Cock

Photo of I Want A Thick Cock
Photo of I Want A Thick Cock

When it comes to true bottoms, one cock, no matter how big, is never enough. Kaled is one such honest man who needs as much cock plowed his way as possible. That's even the case when being fucked by one of the best and biggest, Luiggi. Notably, the acclaimed top has lately been experiencing the pleasure of being hammered himself. So, he graciously gets Fierron to come over with the mean but magnificent meat that's lately been in his ass to have it rammed in his buddy's butt. Now his pal can have his cock, eat it, plus twice as much more. What a way to treat a friend!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Daddy, Group / 3-Way
Details: May 3, 2024 25 min
Photo of Constanzo Fierron
Constanzo Fierron
Photo of Kaled
Photo of Luiggi

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