Aslan's Sexy Panties

Photo of Aslan's Sexy Panties
Photo of Aslan's Sexy Panties

For a dude to get another dude interested in sex, sometimes he will try a little feminization as a lure. What daddy-bottom Aslan didn't expect, or maybe he did, was flashing a pair of panties would get his holes worked over by not just one but two hot and raw top daddies, Luiggi and Macho Mattia. Meanwhile, the undergarment didn't stay on nearly as long as he was used as pure man-pussy. Not that he ever wanted his men to stop using him any way they wanted!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Daddy, Fetish, Group / 3-Way, Hairy Daddy, Over 60
Details: May 9, 2023 23 min
Photo of Aslan
Photo of Luiggi
Photo of Macho Mattia
Macho Mattia

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