Dominant Daddy

Photo of Dominant Daddy
Photo of Dominant Daddy

When tops get together, one has to give, or there is no sex. But what happens when one is already waiting, like all his fans, to take his bud's massive meat in his bare ass? You will find the answer here when Luiggi is topped by Chaco. A dominant, power-top daddy whose time has cum—to milk the cum from another dominant, power-top daddy's big dick in his now-he's-a-bottom holes. Daddy sex and scenes like this cum rarely. Relish it, men!

Categories: Bareback, Daddy Big Cock, Daddy Tops Daddy, Hairy Daddy, Over 60, Uncut Daddy
Details: Jan 17, 2023 35 min
Photo of Chaco
Photo of Luiggi

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